In both the federal and state jurisdictions there are enterprise specific agreements that, once approved or registered, can vary the requirements of Awards insofar as they apply to the specific enterprise. Those agreements include enterprise agreements and greenfield agreements in the federal jurisdiction and industrial agreements in the state jurisdiction.

Kemp & Associates is able to provide you with advice on the types of agreement that are available to you and the formalities and procedures required in order to negotiate and finalise an agreement and have it approved or registered. The firm is also able to prepare all documents to make, and represent you in, the relevant application for approval or registration of your agreement

The firm can also draft a proposed agreement to assist you to commence the bargaining process. Where you face a demand for a new or replacement agreement, the firm can assist you to develop counterproposals and can guide you through the negotiation process to ensure that you do not fall foul of the good faith bargaining provisions that apply.

Where negotiations break down, the firm can assist you to seek good faith bargaining orders or to respond to threatened or actual industrial action, including opposing protected action ballot orders and seeking injunctions or return to work orders where unlawful industrial action or picketing occurs.