Employment law involves a complex matrix of Federal and State legislation and the common law. Getting it wrong can be very expensive – including orders to rectify underpayments, the imposition of civil penalties, lost opportunities while you are dealing with issues and legal costs. In addition, there is also the risk of reputational damage.

We will help you to identify all of the relevant legislative requirements and to develop a strategy for engaging labour to meet your requirements, whether this is by direct engagement, engaging casuals, using fixed term contracts, engaging independent contractors or labour hire agencies.

We can assist you if you are looking to establish a new business venture, expanding your business or acquiring an existing business. We can also assist you if you find yourself in financial difficulties by helping to renegotiate your employment arrangements or by providing advice on downsizing and redundancies.

Where legal action is commenced alleging that you have breached your legislative obligations (for example, underpaid staff), we will determine whether you are in breach and take the necessary steps to help you rectify any problem, including negotiating with prosecuting authorities (for example the Fair Work Ombudsman) and representing you in defending any claim.

The advantage of using a specialist employment law firm is that we know the laws and how they are applied.