The employment relationship is fundamentally based on contract, whether that contract is evidenced in writing, is made by an oral exchange or is established by conduct. There are a number of other employment situations where contracts are essential. It is always in a party’s best interest if employment contracts and documents are drafted in clear and easily understood language that leaves no room for misunderstanding.

We prepare contracts, deeds of release, deeds in restraint of trade and other documents (for example, policies) in plain English so that they are easy to read and readily understandable. In each case, the document is tailored to your particular needs, whether this is a contract to engage workers on the shop floor or one to engage a very senior executive.

In developing contracts of employment, we provide comprehensive advice on the appropriate terms to be included in the agreement including, for example, matters such as bonuses, long-term and short-term incentive schemes, confidentiality undertakings and undertakings in restraint of trade.

We will also advise you on the possible use of enterprise agreements or “Individual Flexibility Agreements” where that might be appropriate.